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Lint Remover
Lint Shaver
2014 NEW
- Make old clothes and furniture look and feel brand new!
- Shaves lint, fuzz, and loose threads off woolens, cottons, knits and upholstery Revitalizes clothes and furniture in a matter of only minutes
- Safe to use, does not cause damage. Comfort-grip handle.
- Power Supply, AC 110V
Fabric Lint Remover - Roller
CleanAir's top quality commercial lint removers save you time and money! Easily pick up lint. They make removing one sheet at a time simple and easy. Contains 4" wide, 60 sheet lint rolls.
Fabric Lint Brush
Rotating Head Fabric Lint Brush. Features the original Highly effective German fabric that picks up lint, dog hair and fuzz. Just press the button to brush in reverse direction.
Pill Remover
Rakes off pills, fuzz balls and tufts from knitwear, coats, cashmere etc.  This tool really works. Will not damage garment. Fine for carding many garments. Set consists of one medium, for general purpose and one coarse for heavier knits.
Carder Brush (Fabric Comb)
Combs unsightly pills from woolens. Effectively and efficiently remove all pilling from garments prior or after the cleaning process. This product combines a brass cutting element firmly attached to a specifically moulded wood handle of attractive design.
No. 105 Nap Brush
Fine Brass wire center with row of horse hair bristles on outside. Kiln dried rock maple block. Excellent for suede and other nap raising uses.
Whisk Broom
Top grade corn with double sewn construction.
No.100 Velvet Brush (Brush 100 Horse Hair)
Black horse hair, this brush is excellent for coat machines and as a whisk broom.


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