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Sankosha CN-567 Single Buck Shirt Press
Finishes up to 60 shirts per hour with our one touch, fully automatic single buck shirt press. One operating cycle provides a high quality finishing of the shirt body, shoulder, yoke sleeves, and sleeves tucks-front and back.

New Features :
New steam injection increases consistency of shirt sleeve and side quality.
New cam operated front press system extends reliability
Re-designed front press housing increases production speed and space

Special features :
Easy to Use
Requires Minimal Training to operate
Separate In-Line vacuum and Blower Motors allow for increased power and reduced noise
In-Line Vacuum offers Freedom from T-Clamps and ease of dressing shirt fronts
Advanced Computer System for flexibility, self-diagnostics, and reliability
Smooth, quite, and Efficient Operation
Added Flexibility, with Two separate Timers for different fabrics
Space-Saving body and sleeve combination
Short Sleeve Clamps Included
Automatic Neck clamp offers firm grip for easier dressing of shirts
Easy to maintain, with clearly marked grease ports
Soft Padding system reduces button breakage

High Productivity
Capable of pressing 60 shirts an hour. Both machines to be operated by one operator.

High-quality Equipment
Built to stringent standards. Using the highest quality materials and top-of-the-line machining, along with strict QC, we offer aesthetically pleasing, dependable machines.

High-Quality Finishing
Our original two-piece set gives you an exceptionally beautiful finish which your customers will soon come to appreciate. One-of-a-kind cuff pleat press included to press cuff pleats into their natural position for a smooth appearance from Cuff to shoulder. A yoke press eliminates leave-off marks from front and rear presses.

Low Utility cost

Comparatively low steam, air, and electrical consumption allows for easy installation and lower utility costs over time.

Production : 50-60 shirts/hour

Model CN-567
Power 230v 3ph 1.6kw
Weight 630kg
Air consumption 42 L/C
Steam consumption 30kg/h
Air pressure 0.6MPa
Steam pressure 0.6MPa
Air connection 3/8B
Steam connection Inlet 3/4B, Outlet 1/2B x 3
Dimension(mm) 2120(W) x 1130(D) x 1990(H)

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