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SoGo "1"

Enzyme - Activated Digester / Laundry Detergent
SoGo "1" is our enzyme-activated digester / laundry stain removing detergent. SoGo "1" safely removes a wide variety of protein stains including food, blood and grass.
SoGo"1" is used on the spotting board for localized stains, as a soak for individual garments or in the laundry wheel for bulk stain removal. SoGo "1" is packed in 50 lb drums, 10 lb pails and 1 lb jars, and is also available in a Phosphate Free formula for use where required. SoGo "1" is a component of the SoGo Reclamation System and of the SoGo Medicinal Stain Removal System.
SIZE: 32oz (12/case), 1G (4/case)

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