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Laundry Spray Spotter Now with Micro-Emulsion Technology

No Brushing Required
Just spray it on and wash it out… no need to brush.
You save time and labor. And because brushing causes damage, customers' garments last longer.
You Deliver Better Quality
By delivering stain-free garments with RiteGo, you build your reputation for quality – and that's what keeps customers coming back.
New Micro-Emulsion Technology
RiteGo penetrates quickly to absorb perspiration and collar & cuff stains, and to release ground-in soil, etc.
Environmentally Friendly
RiteGo is environmentally friendly. It's biodegradable, non-combustible, and California 2013 VOC and Prop-65 compliant.
SIZE: 24oz (6/pack, 24/case), 1G (4/case), 15G

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