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Powdered Dry Cleaning Fluid
파우더 드라이클리닝 용액
- Does not contain chlorinated solvents
- Removes grease and oil stains
- Spray on
- Let dry
- Brush off

AlbaChem PSR II is designed to easily remove oil and grease stains without harming delicate fibers. AlbaChem PSR II does not contain any chorinated solvents. PSR II has a low odor. Use on silk, satin, cotton, wool, taffeta, polyester, blends and all other fabrics. Directions: Shake well before using. Hold can upright 8-10 inches from surface and spray soiled area. Allow to dry thoroughly until white powder forms. Brush off. Reapply for difficult stains. (Not designed for water and acid-based stains). Should nozzle clog, remove and clear with pin. Do not treat while wearing. Test all cleaners on a hidden part of the fabric before using.
SIZE: 12.5 oz

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