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Highly effective for removing challenging odors like smoke, mildew, and mold.
- Permanently Removes Smoke, Mildew & Other Tough Odors
RescueTEX's advanced formula instantly binds with odors, so that they can be removed permanently. RescueTEX is effective in helping eliminate tough odors including smoke, mildew, mold, perspiration, urine, skunk, pet and other challenging odors.
- Versatile – For Use in Machine or Spray Applications
RescueTEX can be used in drycleaning, laundry or wetcleaning applications. RescueTEX may also be used in spray applications on individual items prior to processing or on items that are processed by hand or outside of the machine, such as shoes, purses, luggage, stuffed animals and upholstery.
- Use as a Preventative Odor Treatment
Cleaning operations, particularly high volume ones, may miss items with odors or may choose not to individually treat loads or items that have odors. Use RescueTEX as an additive in every load to help remove odors that may have been missed prior to cleaning.
- Increases Stain & Soil Removal On Heavily Soiled Loads
Heavily dirty loads may require more odor and stain removing cleaning power than is
required for a typical load of items encountered in regular cleaning. RescueTEX can provide the added stain and odor fighting power needed for the more challenging loads faced by all cleaners.In these cases, use of RescueTEX will also aid in cleaning the whole load, not just the garments with odors.
SIZE: 1G, 5G, 15G

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